Diverse Natural Resources and Abundant Water

Surrounded by the steep, mountainous terrain of the Northern Alps on three sides, and with fertile, rolling plains at its heart, Toyama borders the Toyama Bay and Sea of Japan.
Ranked number one on the island of Honshu for its proportion of natural vegetation, Toyama is blessed with a beautiful natural environment. With its wide variety of flora and fauna, Toyama’s seasonally changing landscape will surely delight visitors.
Toyama’s mountains act as a tremendous natural dam from which an abundant supply of pure water flows year-round. This water is utilized in the production of hydroelectric power and a variety of other purposes, making it a vital resource for Toyama industries and daily life.

Tateyama Mountain Range

In all of Japan, the only place where mountains with an elevation of 3,000 m can be seen “over the sea” is the coastline stretching between Amaharashi (Takaoka) and Himi.

Kurobe Gorge

With the emerald Kurobe River winding through it, the Kurobe Gorge is the deepest V-shaped gorge in Japan. Pure mountain water flowing down its beautiful, rocky slopes lends contrast to the danger of this precipitous, rugged environment.