An industry ripe with resources, experience, and technology.

Toyama Prefecture is known for its production of high quality variety of rice including Koshihikari, the Toyama original early-ripening Tentakaku variety , and the late-ripening Tenkomori variety. Toyama has the largest production volume of tulip bulbs in Japan and is known for its use of traditional fixed net fishing methods.
Furthermore, due to its high-quality workforce and abundance of electricity and water, a variety of industries have gathered together to form one of the strongest industrial areas on the Japan Sea side of the country. In particular, Toyama is working to develop its biotechnology industry utilizing its 300 year-old tradition of medicine and is supporting the robot, IT and deep seawater related industries. Through these activities, Toyama is working towards the progression of growth industries.

Fixed Fishing Nets

Nets are dropped to a certain depth and are pulled in according to the migration of the fish to be caught. Currently, 70% of the haul from Toyama Bay comes from the fixed net fishing method.

Toyama Monozukuri Research and Development Center

This hub for the promotion of manufacturing houses research and development efforts for new products and technologies through industry-academic-government cooperation, while also raising human capital with knowledge of the latest manufacturing technologies.