How to start working in Toyama

STEP1: Checking Visa Status Requirements

Even though the conditions for a Japanese work visa are not as strict as other similarly developed nations, you should always check that you meet the minimum conditions before looking for a job. General guidelines are as below:

  • A job scope matching your academic qualifications
  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree⦆OR
  • 3 to 10 years of experience related to the job scope
  • For the types of visa, please check the visa webpage of the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs (Japanese/English)

※ The more commonly attained Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Relations Visa requires the applicant to fulfill the criteria outlined above.
※ In general the recruitment agency and your company would help you in applying for your visa so please ask them questions if you have any.

Detail (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)

STEP2: Looking for a Job

Join a recruitment firm/ talent bank and use these to try and find the businesses that you wish to work for.

STEP3: From Application to Offer

You must prepare a resume. The process will differ according to the business but in Japan there is often an online test before interviews.

STEP4: Obtaining a Visa

Have you received a job offer? Congratulations! Consult with your company and start preparing the necessary documents for the visa application.

In order to obtain a work visa to Japan from overseas, you need to apply to the Japanese Immigration Bureau or your nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate. Generally the documents below are required:

  • Application Form
  • Passport
  • Documents verifying your academic background or work history (university graduation certificate, latest resume, etc.)
  • Portrait photo
  • Legal documents such as the withholding tax report etc. of the company employing you in Japan
  • The Company’s Registry Certificate (Tokibo Tohon)
  • Description of the company’s activities

※ Required documents may vary depending on the company employing you and your academic and employment history.
※ The documents and procedures for applicants already living in Japan and requiring a visa status change, will differ.

STEP5: Working in Toyama

You have consulted with your company and your accommodations, and the start date have been decided.
Your life in Okinawa is about to start!