Food & Culture

Toyama prefecture is fulll of tourist attractions, such as food, natural landscape, and traditional Japanese culture.
The seafloor of Toyama Bay drops sharply, forming a submarine canyon close to the shore. This is a prime location for marine life, and nutrient-rich water washed out to sea from the 3,000m-high Tateyama Ranges makes for plump seafood. “Masuzushi” (trout sushi) is an iconic food from Tooyama Bay. The contrast between green of soft bamboo grass covering sushi and pink of trout is so beautiful.
The inland of Toyama prefecture has Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, a world-class mountain sightseeing route. you are sure to be impressed on a grand scale and dynamic scenes in every season – a 20-meter high snow wall and fresh green in the spring, high-altitude plants and cool respite in the summer, and the beautiful blanket of leaves in autumn.
In addition to the rich natural environment, you can enjoy traditional Japanese landscape in Gokayama’s historic Gassho-style thatched-roofed farmhouses, which were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the cultural category in 1995.
For more information, check the website “Tourism Information in Toyama (https://foreign.info-toyama.com/en/)”